Cryptocurrencies are changing the world by erasing payment barriers which dividing countries. Alphaycrpt is creating an open environment of payment which is transparent and solid.

Meet the core team


Due our notoriety in the financial segment, we decided to publish our names and complete CVs after the last ICO round. With each passing day, our resumes faces and names become more and more visible. After the ICO we will be completely outed. This has the following reason:

We want to remain anonymous to allow all investors the same opportunities and not to stimulate token purchases in the background!

Furthermore, because of our notoriety, we do not want to prevent anyone from participating. We want to avoid false envy and to assure the project`s full potential for development. We hope that there will be understanding of this decision, especially because some of us are still engaged in their current service relationships.

We try to give the community a certain clue about our expertise with our partial CVs.



He is an experienced asset manager who started developing algorithmic strategies more than 10 years ago. He completed his masters degree in Economics and his Ph.D. in Finance at the Oxford University.


The mastermind architect of "Alpacrypt" technology. A blockchain geek.


She is a strategy and banking IT professional. Through his time as project manager he proved deep expertise in implementing technology projects.


She is CMO of Alpacrypt. After completing her studies in economics, she was drawn to the advertising industry, where she has been working for more than 12 years for several wellregarded agencies.


Our CFO received his MBA from the University of Cambridge. Since then he has been an expert when it comes to loans, financing and investments. His ultimate goal is to use the Alphacrypt project to set up the crown for his career.


Our CRM has also studied in Britain. He got his MBA from the University of Oxford and can look back on a long-standing career with various projects in the area of investment banking and real estate. Now he is looking forward to his last big project with Alphacrypt.




The first project we want to present is a german company operating in the automotive industry. It is about radar warning systems that can be implemented by a USB stick in the software of the car. The test phase on over 50 models of Audi, Mercedes Benz and BMW brands has been successfully completed. The patent for the European market is also already registered. In order not only to be successful on the European market but to be able to operate globally, an investment from our side is already positively.

This company is the market leader in the following areas:
Automotive Technology | Component processing | Research

Our members will have the chance to invest in this company too.
Stay tuned! More interesting projects will follow

ICO schedule

ICO schedule

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12,75 Mio
ALC available
3B €
3B € Assets
under Management
+40 Years
Team Experience

Token Distribution

Token Distribution

Expected Price development / ALC Coin

ALC Price


What is the business idea behind Alphacrypt?
We see our project as a revolution in lending opportunities. To finance small and medium-sized businesses without any bureaucratic effort. As all team members are active in the financial sector, we have recognized the signs of the times and want to take advantage of the blockchain technology to make it available- not only to the benefit of the investors, but also to the borrowers. What is special about this, is our Alphacrypt algorithm, programmed by our computer scientists. We are well aware that the interest rates are high, but compared to other risk capitalists- we are safer and also cheaper. Due to the current regulations by Basel 3, many bankers are tied to their hands when it comes to risk capital allocation. And by the coming more restrictive regulations by Basel 4, it becomes even more difficult to Treasury capital. We see ourselves as a long-term investment opportunity for our potential investors and customers and do not want to raise false hopes through exaggerated predictions. Our risk management is designed to enable organic and healthy growth. This is also reflected in our forecasts. This is also recognised by the possible ALC coin course development.
What are the services and scope of the project?
Our many years of experience in the areas of investment and venture capital enable us to find attractive start-ups and to break down the corresponding projects so that you can easily understand and support. To emphasize it again, the goal of our company is to generate good yields and that with a relatively low risk. Therefore, we have also introduced a maximum amount that we awarded per project.
What are the technical characteristics of the project?
The heart of our project is the ALC algorithm. We have invested a lot of time and energy and money in the development and are now ready to enter the market after a long test phase. The reason why we cannot elaborate on the algorithm is that it is our company secret and the pivotal point of the company.
What about the market?
Looking back, the market is generally valued in such a way that a revolution in this area has long been necessary. Seen in the future, anyone who needs a loan could even benefit individuals from our algorithm. Since the banking sector is strictly regulated and constantly monitored, a decentralised solution is the only way to generate free capital economy. In summary, the market is unimaginably large and we may be among the first to successfully launch this type of financing.
Which competitors and competitive advantages does the project have?
We are aware that there is a competition on the market, but we prefer to focus on our own project. If we were to worry about predatory strategies, we would have lost precious time for our own project. Because we want to be the best in the market, healthy growth is important. Many offer very high returns in the shortest possible time. Purely computational, very questionable. Above all, it is important to us that investors can trust us. For this reason, our support team is available to all the questions you have. - -
What is the marketing strategy?
As you know for sure, it is very difficult to get a foothold in the crypto-network without contacts. Especially after Facebook, Google and soon also Twitter, ICO advertising do not want to support. We have not been able to present our project publicly for the reasons mentioned in the other points. That`s why we invested in a bounty manger to gain more range. We are represented on Twitter, Instagram, Telgram etc. and enjoy our new followers every day. Of course, the growth of interest is also very manageable.
What about the economics of the project?
There are annual payouts planned that can change and accumulate depending on the success of the project at any time. So in worst case once a year in the best case every 2 months-but we don`t want to generate false hopes as we mentioned before and we prefer to be careful with our predictions.
What about the attractiveness of the token investment?
Especially in the current ICO phase we see a good chance for our future investors to buy cheap tokens. The expected splits speak for themselves, as well as the rather cautious forecasts of coin price developments. Furthermore, the planned distributions will increase annually and allow our investors a rapid ROI.
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